If StimPlan can't start properly, it usually pops out an alert. The following figures show some examples of the alert. Sometimes, StimPlan is not even able to pop out any error message before it quits.

StimPlan may not function properly after the crash. In this case, one of the StimPlan files named "LAST_ACT.TXT" could be corrupted. This file remembers the last actions before StimPlan is closed previously. It locates in the StimPlan scratch folder. The directory of the scratch folder can be found on the bottom of your StimPlan home page as shown in the picture below. We have to delete this file from that folder to clear the bad memory. In order to do so, please go to the scratch folder and delete the file "LAST_ACT.TXT". And then restarting StimPlan should make it function normally again. However, StimPlan loses its memory. You have to reopen your STP file or retrieve your results again to continue what you left previously.